2010 Parent Handbook

Program Description
Camp P.E.A.C.E. provides a safe, fun, drug-free out-of -school time opportunity for youth. Camp P.E.A.C.E. provides educational enhancement, pre-entrepreneurship, and recreational activities where students learn leadership skills, practice learned skill sets and explore innovative drug free activities. Additionally, we offer drug and alcohol prevention, conflict resolution and life skills workshops. We believe that all youth should learn at every opportunity, have fun and keep healthy.

Our Daily Schedule Includes:
- Hot/Cold Breakfast &Lunch
 - Daily Exercise
 - Educational Enhancement Activities
 - Prevention Workshops & Life Skills Workshops
 - Indoor/Outdoor Recreation
 - Entrepreneurial Exploration/Financial Literacy
 - Team Building
 - Field Trips & Mini-Camps
 - Community Service Projects

Camper Supplies (Suggested)
1-notebook, 1-journal, 1-box crayons, 1-glue stick, 1-elemers glue
1-box of markers or color pencils, 5-sharpened pencils,     
1-plastic “shoe box”, arts & craft supplies,  
1 piece swimsuit, towel, 1-change of clothes (in a tote bag)
(K-1st grades only: 1-sleeping bag/pillow)

Camper Attire
Campers are expected to wear t-shirts, knee-level shorts/ pants, and gym shoes. Open toed sandals, tank tops and halter tops are not allowed.

Food Program
The Winans Academy for the Performing Arts Food Service Staff in partnership with the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion Nutrition Service is scheduled to provide breakfast and lunch daily.  

Camp Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday   8:00AM- 5:00PM

Latchkey Hours of Operation:
Mornings: 7:00AM - 7:45AM
Afternoons: 5:06PM - 6:00PM

(all youth not picked up by 5:06 will be accessed the daily latch-key fee)

Latchkey Fee:        
$15.00                         pre-paid weekly
  $5.00                           per day

 Late pick-up fees: $5.00 per minute (Begins at 6:05 p.m.)
 After 6:11pm  $25 Flat Rate
** All campers not signed up for latchkey will be assessed daily drop-in rates along with late fees.

Program Fees:
Forms of payment: Cash and Money Orders only
Registration fee:         $50.00                         per child
Tuition:                       $450.00                        per child


Tuition Due Dates
Camp Tuition balances are due: June 25, 2010

Pre-Camp 6//21 - 25                tuition due:    June 12, 2010
Post-Camp 8/23 - 9/3              tuition due:   

Drop Off/Pick-Up Policy and Procedures

Campers may be dropped off daily in front of the building at the Cafeteria entrance.

Student Arrival Procedures
1.     Camp PEACE Staff are stationed in front of entrance to welcome & escort campers into
      the building.
2.     Campers will be directed to go into the cafeteria for breakfast.
3.     Campers will sit at assigned tables to complete breakfast.
4.     Instructors will escort campers to classrooms.


Student Pick-up Procedures 5:00PM
1.     Parent/guardian will enter the cafeteria to pick-up campers from assigned table.


Student Pick-up Procedures Before 5:00PM
1.     To avoid a delay parent/guardian should call in advance or send a note the morning of
      early pick-up.
2.     Parents will enter administrative office to verify identity and to ensure authorization
      for early pick-up.
3.     Parents are expected to call again 30- minutes before arrival to allow time for staff to
      retrieve camper from recreation zones.
4.     Remain in office or at front entrance.

Our Discipline Policy
: All disciplinary challenges will be handled with redirection and positive reinforcement by program administration.  Appropriate behavior will be emphasized, nurtured and rewarded.

Disciplinary Course of Action: (Three Strike Policy)
When a camper is found breaking a rule or exhibiting inappropriate behavior:

  1. The camper will be reminded of the program rules and redirected to appropriate behavior.  (Verbal Warning – Given Red Flag Strike 1)
  2. The camper will be separated from the group as designated by staff sent to office to contemplate behavior and journal feelings as well as program rules, and possible consequences for actions, i.e.: removal of recreation time and /or timeout chair, writing assignments, & additional community service clean –up projects. (Referral Given Strike 2)
  3. A parent will be notified of unacceptable behavior.  Conference will be scheduled to discuss next course of action up to and including exclusion from program (Referral Given Strike 3).

Zero Tolerance
Reasons for immediate expulsion can include but are not limited to:

Fighting, hitting, spitting, stealing, verbal aggression or threats toward others, bullying, disrespect toward authority.


Camper Expectations
Attendance at Camp Peace is not mandatory, it’s a privilege; therefore it is required and expected that all camper come ready to have fun and fully participate in the summer enrichment experience which includes but not limited to: new experiences, out door clinics, academic enhancement, workshops, life skills, team building, exercise, healthy eating, sports and more.


Camp Peace Rules include, and are not limited to:
No swearing
No funning in the hallways
No wandering off campus
Staying with groups, at all times
Following instructions

Accident / Incident Policy Procedures:
In case of an accident while a camper is at Camp P.E.A.C.E., the following procedures will be used:

  1. All campers will be sent to office and first aid administered while the seriousness of injury is determined.
  2. If hospitalization is not deemed to be necessary, but the accident requires more than minimum first-aid, the parents/guardian will be notified immediately.
  3. If the accident requires first aid, trained Camp P.E.A.C.E. staff will administer first aid, as deemed necessary parent will be notified upon pick-up.
  4. If the accident is serious and requires hospitalization, an ambulance will be called and the parents/guardian will be notified immediately. Incident report will be written for all accident and illness.
If your camper becomes ill the follow procedures will take place:

  1. Parents/guardian will be contacted immediately.
  2. No medication will be given without parent authorization.
  3. Camper will be allowed to rest and remain in office and made as comfortable as possible until parent pick up.
  4. Temperature will be taken all information of symptoms will be related to the parent to allow them to authorize plan of action.
  5. Camper will contact parent hourly to report condition or as requested by parent.
  6. Campers showing sign of communicable illness will be requested for pick-up ASAP to decrease the spread to other campers and staff. 
  7. Universal precautions will be used during all treatment of accidents or illnesses.